An on-site podcast recording studio for your event.

Provide our on-site podcast recording studio for use by attendees, speakers, exhibitors – you decide how to use it! Keep your attendees returning year after year by making this one-of-a-kind perk available. See the use cases below to get your creative juices flowing!

Use Cases

How our mobile podcast booth can make your event or conference a hit with attendees.

Bonus feature for attendees

Use our booth to serve the podcasters who attend your event by allowing a first-come-first-served recording venue. Our technicians greet attendees at the booth, set up and conduct their recording session, and provide the digital files to them once their recording session is done.

Your voice = the industry’s voice

Take advantage of your industry’s leaders being in one place at one time (at YOUR event) by scheduling conversations with them, to be recorded AT your event.

Use the recording sessions to create “buzz” at the event itself and utilize the recordings you make to create THE podcast for your industry, profiling the stories, innovations, and case studies that lead the way.

Registration Upgrade for Participants

Create an upgrade to your registration by guaranteeing on-site recording time for attendees, teams, or exhibitors.

Charge what you like for this service and we do all the work. Sell enough registration upgrades and pay for our service entirely — or possibly even make a profit on it.

Mix and Match

Use our studio to capture recordings for any purpose you like, even mix and match these use cases to get the most out of this incredible asset for your next event or conference.


Most industry events or trade shows sell sponsorships – of all kinds. Here is another opportunity for you to profile one of your great sponsors – in a way that puts the front and center at every recording session that takes place at our booth!

When a company agrees to sponsor the recording booth (at whatever price you determine), we can add your sign to the booth that highlights them, their logo, their sponsorship, and whatever else you need.

And imagine the benefit to your event’s bottom line if you sell MORE THAN ONE podcast recording booth sponsorship (multiple logos on the sign).

Our Equipment & Staffing

Our Recording Booth

Our 10 ft X 10 ft. free standing booth provides ample room for up to 4 participants and our technician to be seated around a table for a relaxed, engaging conversation. We provide everything needed for participants, including comfortable seating, a private device charging station, and more.

Mixcast by TASCAM
Digital Recording

All recordings are made with the TASCAM Mixcast 4, to provide top of the line audio recordings of each participant. On-board noise reduction and effects enable perfect recordings.

Mixcast by TASCAM
Broadcast Quality

Individual Audio-Technica BPHS1 Broadcast professional headset microphones are used to capture the highest quality sound for the conversation. Up to 4 participants per session.

Professional Staff

We provide expertly trained recording technicians to set up your recording space, conduct your recordings, and manage the schedule.


Professional Package :  CUSTOM (depends on event size and duration)
  • Our 10 X 10 ft. mobile studio booth with windows, “recording” sign, comfortable stools & table for participants.
  • Tascam Mixcast 4 digital recorder (up to 4 tracks).
  • 4 broadcast quality Audio-Technica BPHS1 microphone/headset combinations.
  • Our professional sound technician to manage all sessions & perform recording.
  • All recordings provided to you via Google Drive.
  • Complete setup and striking of the space.
  • Covers all transportation and personnel costs.
  • Additional days available on request and for additional cost.
Basic Package: CUSTOM depends on event size and duration)
  • We record in any space (conference room, exhibit hall space, etc.) using tables and chairs that you provide.
  • Tascam Mixcast 4 digital recorder (up to 4 tracks).
  • 4 broadcast quality Audio-Technica BPHS1 microphone/headset combinations.
  • Our professional sound technician to manage all sessions & perform recording.
  • All recordings provided to you via Google Drive.
  • Complete setup and striking of the space.
  • Covers all transportation and personnel costs.
  • Additional days available on request and for additional cost.

Add-On Services

Mobile Podcast Studio Host
Your custom branding : Pricing varies per your needs

We can use the space above the windows on our recording studio to feature your podcast, your organization, or anything else that needs a bit of extra promotion during your event. See the 3D rendering of this here. There are two options available…

1) You create the visuals and provide them to us. This requires an EXACT size and type of sign. We’ll give you the info you need.

2) We create the signage using your supplied artwork.


Mobile Podcast Studio Host
Full Service Editing : Add  $375/session

In partnership with our sister company — Podcast Fast Track — we provide fully produced, publication-ready audio files of all your recording sessions. This service includes audio production, episode show notes for blog posts and episode descriptions, and social media verbiage based on the episode to help promote the conversation. 2 week turn-time required. Special RUSH services available upon request.

On the floor interview
Mobile “on-the-floor” interviewer: Add $5000

We provide an additional, roaming interviewer to record the comments and experiences of event attendees, speakers, and exhibitors, using YOUR prescribed set of questions. This is an ideal way to capture on-the-spot audio to highligh future events or create sizzle reels.

Mobile Podcast Studio Host
Booth Host / Hostess : Add $4800

In addition to our recording technician, we’ll provide our professionally trained booth host to make participants feel welcome and ready to deliver their best for the recordings. Add this service for that special touch of elite service and care for your participants.

Hospitality Package: Add $600

We will provide your choice of snacks and refreshments for all recording participants. Choose from our list of options including energy bars, bottled water, trail mix, and more — and create an environment that is memorable.



The MPS team made our mobile podcasting activation at our recent Net Zero Forum a complete success. They showed up with everything needed to assemble a professional podcasting studio IN the main conference room, thought of everything that could have gone wrong and came with solutions ready in hand. The studio was even decked out with phone chargers, our podcast brand colors, and a Himalayan salt feature that was a total hit! The audio quality from the event records was incredible. We’d hire them in a heartbeat to do it all over again!

Maria Failla – Producer, Smart Energy Voices

43% of those polled on LinkedIn said they would “ABSOLUTELY” use a podcast studio if the event organizer provided one.


How could YOU use our Mobile Podcast Studio to make your next event a “must attend” engagement?


“Such an elegant addition to gatherings of all types. If I’d only had one available at Gettysburg…”

“Honest” Abe Lincoln

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What if my event is longer than 3 days?

Our Mobile Podcast Studio and team can be at your event as long as you need. Pricing will vary, but our service won’t.

Can you come to my event in Canada?

We haven’t worked outside the U.S. yet… but that doesn’t mean we can’t. Reach out to us and give us the dates, location and so forth and such and such. We’ll see what we can do (and we can do a LOT).

What does the "on-the-floor" interviewer service entail?

There are lots of possibilities for this one, depending on how YOU want to use the recordings we make.

First, picture one of our staff walking the convention floor asking YOUR questions of participants, speakers, others, etc. We record it on our professional equipment and provide it to you.

Next, you probably already create promotional materials for future events using video and photos from previous events, right?

This can be that, only in audio. You can place audio testimonial reels on your website, or engage podcasters in your industry to feature your event promotion on their shows.

OR, Some event organizers add a podcast feed to their event app and use our footage to have a daily recap, audio sizzle reel, and more for attendees to listen to while they are at the event.

OR, imagine producing a podcast series leading UP TO your next event to create buzz and excitement from the enthusiastic voices of last year’s attendees.

Our team can record it. We can even produce it if you like (additional fee).

But you get to benefit from it.

Can you explain the "booth sponsorship" concept a bit more?


Let’s say you have a big name organization in your industry that sponsors your event year after year. They are an IDEAL candidate to offer the sponsorship of our recording studio. Their name and logo can go on the studio as the sponsor… and here’s a nifty trick.

YOU CAN HAVE MULTIPLE SPONSORS OF THE BOOTH (which means more sponsorship dollars for you), or charge more for “exclusive sponsorship.”

Are there any additional charges?

Nope. Nada. Never.

What you see listed above is our basic rate for 3 day events. Smaller event durations will likely incur a smaller cost (go figure).

Once we agree on the total services we’ll be providing, everything is included in the price we quote.

That’s our team, our travel, our meals, our lodging, everything. (Except admission to your event… we kind of expect YOU will make that happen for our assigned team).